At the Forefront of Innovation

Austroconsult, having a reputation for its visionary approach, has been awarded the following project:

Austroconsult High-flying Consultant to Abu Dhabi Police

Ours is a world of change which brings about a constant change of requirements, no matter which area is concerned. However, thankfully, possibilities change, too. Austroconsult has been appointed engineering consultant by the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police for the ambitious venture of upgrading its helicopter search and rescue/ aerial surveillance capabilities to a reliable up-to-date system based on open standards.

The demand for helicopter services of Abu Dhabi Police is continuously growing, be it search and rescue operations, air ambulance services, emergency evacuations, disaster relief, thermal photography or VIP security. The use of new technology is aimed at increasing public safety, property protection and law enforcement by improving crime detection, situation tracking and suspect identification as well as ensuring effective response co-ordination of intelligence.