In the area of Communication Technology
Austroconsult provides specialist knowledge concerning

  • Radio Networks
    • Earth stations
    • Digital trunked radio (TETRA)
    • Radio relay systems
    • Troposcatters
    • Satellite networks
    • Monitoring stations
    • Multiplexing
    • Switching and routing
    • Calculation of coverage,
      coverage models
    • Network management
    • Cellular voice and data networks, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, WiMAX and WLAN networks
  • Fixed Networks
    • LAN, MAN, WAN
    • Optical fibre networks
    • Backbone networks
    • Long distance networks
    • Telecom networks
      (PSTN, ISDN, VoiP, DSL, etc.)
    • Multiplexing, switching and routing
    • Broadband networks (ATM, PDH, SDH, IP, etc.)
    • Network management