Military Electronics


C4I Project Co-ordination GCC
Client: GCC
Date: 2003 2011


Air Defence Modernisation Program / Airfields Austria
Client: Austrian Government
Date: 2007 2008


FEED and EPIC Aerial Surveillance United Arab Emirates
Client: Abu Dhabi Police
Date: 2008 2011

Aerial surveillance capabilities, operating range and quality of service were to be improved by upgrading the helicopter fleet with state-of-the-art visual surveillance and tracking equipment.

Austroconsult is responsible for project management, elaborated surveys, specifications, detailed technical design, determination of optimum technology, etc.


Operation Rooms United Arab Emirates
Client: Abu Dhabi Police
Date: 2010 2011


Nuclear Early Warning System United Arab Emirates
Client: Abu Dhabi Police
Date: 2006 2008

Taking into account the threat potential emanating from civilian nuclear power plants as well as from military nuclear installations and missile carrier systems, it was contemplated to establish a nuclear early warning system.

Austroconsult was engaged in the assessment of requirements, the threat analysis and study work.


IT Disaster Recovery Planning Oman
Client: Ministry of Defence
Date: 2005 2007

An IT Disaster Recovery Plan and Centre were to be established to ensure business continuity of vital institutions and organisations in critical situations.

Austroconsult was engaged in threat and risk assess-ment of present installations, server clusters, business impact analyses, planning of the disaster recovery centre including the technical fit out.


Digital Trunked Radio System United Arab Emirates
Client: Abu Dhabi Police
Date: 1996 2009

The Police intended to modernise its entire telecommunications and IT system (TETRA). Most modern command software was to support day-by-day and emergency activities.

Austroconsult was engaged in surveys, propagation planning, field strength measurements, design, project supervision and commissioning.


Digital Trunked Radio System Austria
Client: Ministry of Interior
Date: 2001 2003

The Ministry intended to implement a TETRA system for Police and Gendarmerie as well as for rescue, ambulance and other govern-
mental and regional emergency services.

Austroconsult was engaged in setting up the PPP model, system planning, tendering, advisory and engineering activities.


Optical Fibre Network United Arab Emirates
Client: Armed Forces
Date: 1994 2004

A telecommunications system based on 6,000 km optical fibre land and 1,000 km multi fibre sea cable with SDH technology for the microwave network and mobile communication installations was established.

Austroconsult was engaged in surveys, planning, engineering, preparation of tender documents, evaluation, supervision and commissioning.


Fibre Optic Backbone Infrastructure Civil Works United Arab Emirates
Client: du
Date: 2008 2010

DU, the major UAE telecom provider, implemented a fully equipped 850 km fibre optic backbone network to connect their base stations and switch infrastructure with a high speed communication network.

Austroconsult was contracted as client representative for project management and supervision services like, e.g., quality assurance and day-to-day site supervision.


Security and IT Systems Industrial Complex Kuwait
Client: SDFC
Date: 2004 2006

The security of one of the main industrial complexes of Kuwait which comprises refineries, power plants, port installations, chemical and electronic industry and general production plants was to be enhanced.

Austroconsult was responsible for threat analysis, preliminary planning, detailed engineering, tender documents, evaluation of offers as well as supervision.


IT Disaster Recovery Centre Romania
Client: Industry
Date: 2008 2009

An IT Disaster Recovery Centre was planned so as to offer business continuity services.

Austroconsult was engaged in requirement assessment, design studies, server clusters, surveys, business impact analysis, elaboration of a business plan, general project management activities, technical fit out as well as the development of marketing concepts.